All Signers Must Have An Unexpired Photo ID

24/7 Mobile Service Available

Notarizing any document that requires notarization, such as:

  1. Affidavit
  2. Adoption paperwork (Notary Commission expires 02/24/2020)
  3. Application (Employment, MMJ Business License, Handgun Permit, and more!) 
  4. Apostille
  5. Authorization/Consent forms
  6. Bank forms
  7. Bill of Sale
  8. Commercial Real Estate (lease, purchase, loan)
  9. Contracts
  10. Debt Settlement documents
  11. Divorce paperwork
  12. Motor Vehicle Title (as required by the state the vehicle was titled in)
  13. Passport application/renewal forms
  14. Power of Attorney (General, Durable, Financial, Medical, Minor, Real Estate, Motor Vehicle)
  15. Real Estate Document(s) (Purchase, Seller, Refi, HELOC, Deed, and more!)
  16. Structured Settlement documents
  17. Thrift Savings Account forms
  18. Trust paperwork
  19. And more!


The fee for notarization of a document is just $5.

I also charge a reasonable travel fee, starting at just $20 in Fort Morgan and a bit more elsewhere in the in the county.
Extra fees may apply for evening, nighttime, and weekend services.

I accept payment by cash, check, major credit or debit card, 

Send me an e-mail at: gread4211@gmail.comor call 303-717-2135 for details or if you have any questions!